Ustinaviciene Ruta, Januskevicius Vidmantas (2007) ASSOCIATION BETWEEN OCCUPATIONAL ASTHENOPIA AND TH E PSYCHOPHYSIOLOCICAL INDICATORS OF VISUAL FATIGUE FOR VDT WORKERS. Український журнал з проблем медицини праці (4(12)). с. 71-78. ISSN 2223-6757

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To evaluate the relationship o f functional visual fatigue parameters with the symptoms of asthenopia, and to determine association between subjective and the objective indicators of eye fatigue. 404 office workers with and without VDT work were selected for the inclusion in the study. To evaluate visual fatigue was used questionnaire for subjective complaints and measurement of main ophtalmological indicators. Psychophysiological studies determine changes in the sensomotoric reactions during the working day and the working week; in addition to that, studies of the constancy of clear-unclear vision and the fluctuation of the clear and unclear vision periods were performed. Measurements of psychophysiological changes were taken over one week, three times per day, for five days in a row. The questionnaire data showed that 88.4% of all employees complained of various vision disorders. Our psychophysiological findings showed that during the second half of the working day, when general fatigue and asthenopia develops, ophthalmologic indications change: visual sensomotor reaction becomes slower, the duration of the periods of unclear vision increases, and the change of the periods of clear and unclear vision becomes faster. Changes in the ocular and psychophysiological functions before and at the end of the workday, as determined in our study, provide a good objective index of VDT-induced «ocular» and central nervous system fatigue, can be used for intervention research.

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Ключові слова: Ergophtalmology, Visual fatigue, Occupational asthenopia, VDT work, Eye discomforts, Psychophysiology, эргофтальмология, визуальная усталость, профессиональная астенопия, работа за видеотерминалом, офтальмологический дискомфорт, психофизиология
Теми: 1. Промислова безпека та охорона праці > 1.4. Умови праці
4. Медицина праці > 4.4. Теоретична медицина
4. Медицина праці > 4.5. Профілактична медицинa
Організація-джерело ресурсу: Вищі навчальні заклади
Назва організації: Department of Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania, Department of Health Systems Research of Institute of Biomedical Research, Kaunas University of Medicine, Lithuania
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